Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great Small Businesses | Kamers Market

I have mentioned in a previous post that Kamers is just a great creative market. The market in Cape Town this year was bigger and I thought I would feature a few of the small businesses that I actually purchased items from [there where many other great ones as well]. In my opinion, the following didn't just have a great product they were passionate about what they did and their service ethic was great. All worth checking out, especially for Christmas shopping :). [See pics below].

Red Balloon Revolution They say they are the initiators of a worldwide positive revolution. A non-profit that uses their great product to fund their cause in poor communities.

The Bean Bag - Fantastic product [in many sizes], super comfie and super service [they had to deliver and were excellent]

Anomali, they make jewellery that they refer to as strange and unusual and I love that - especially their efforts to recycle, they are also very helpful!

Lulu by Emma Just really fun stuff with a twist for kids. Love the capes for girls!

Bokke & Blomme Have fantastic word decor. Lots of colours and different words.

Lappoppie really cute toys, well made and fun - like the superhero toy comes with a cape for the child as well.

Cold Gold artisan ice creams and sorbets with really cool flavours like Honeyed Caramelised Fig, Honey and Saffron, Chewy Baked Banana, Vanilla & Peanut Butter! YUM! All healthy with no this and that! Just great! Passionate people running it.

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