Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Geekery for your iPhone | Gadget Cool

There are times when I suddenly have a barrage of gadget geekery pop up in my feed. Here are a few of the cool ones that I have come across recently.

First the Sophie by Mac Funamizu a designer and futurist. The Sophie basically allows you to print out pics from your iphone. Wow. I want.

Next we have a fan for your iphone by Japan Trust Technology, just what you need to keep you cool this summer. Pretty hilarious and more fun, but I'd buy it!

Then we have Brookstone's pocket projector. Très cool! Really want.

Finally there is the iRetro Phone dock. Just love this one but it seems to be sold out in most places. I understand why. I saw this on TechWOOT.

Look at the pics below

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