Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great Small Businesses | Kamers Market

I have mentioned in a previous post that Kamers is just a great creative market. The market in Cape Town this year was bigger and I thought I would feature a few of the small businesses that I actually purchased items from [there where many other great ones as well]. In my opinion, the following didn't just have a great product they were passionate about what they did and their service ethic was great. All worth checking out, especially for Christmas shopping :). [See pics below].

Red Balloon Revolution They say they are the initiators of a worldwide positive revolution. A non-profit that uses their great product to fund their cause in poor communities.

The Bean Bag - Fantastic product [in many sizes], super comfie and super service [they had to deliver and were excellent]

Anomali, they make jewellery that they refer to as strange and unusual and I love that - especially their efforts to recycle, they are also very helpful!

Lulu by Emma Just really fun stuff with a twist for kids. Love the capes for girls!

Bokke & Blomme Have fantastic word decor. Lots of colours and different words.

Lappoppie really cute toys, well made and fun - like the superhero toy comes with a cape for the child as well.

Cold Gold artisan ice creams and sorbets with really cool flavours like Honeyed Caramelised Fig, Honey and Saffron, Chewy Baked Banana, Vanilla & Peanut Butter! YUM! All healthy with no this and that! Just great! Passionate people running it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Geekery for your iPhone | Gadget Cool

There are times when I suddenly have a barrage of gadget geekery pop up in my feed. Here are a few of the cool ones that I have come across recently.

First the Sophie by Mac Funamizu a designer and futurist. The Sophie basically allows you to print out pics from your iphone. Wow. I want.

Next we have a fan for your iphone by Japan Trust Technology, just what you need to keep you cool this summer. Pretty hilarious and more fun, but I'd buy it!

Then we have Brookstone's pocket projector. Très cool! Really want.

Finally there is the iRetro Phone dock. Just love this one but it seems to be sold out in most places. I understand why. I saw this on TechWOOT.

Look at the pics below