Friday, March 9, 2012

Butterfly Beauty | Jewellery

Another Design Indada post. I loved Papillon Belle from the moment I saw it. The products' beauty can only really be appreciated in real time. At this years Indaba I was lucky enough to chat to the brainchild Audrey Botha, who gave me a better insite into their origin. These pendants have a special vibe about them [it could be due to their story, which you can read on their site] but their beauty is undeniable. So many people have stopped and asked me where I 'found' my necklace. Butterflies are sourced from sustainable farming projects so the fragile ecological balance is kept in tact, but for more details on this, visit the site.

The Botany Project | Environmental Cool

This is a Design Indaba share post :). I just love anything that is environmentally just speaks to my inner hippy. When I saw the Botany Project at the Indaba I loved it. There are so many facets of cool, like the biodiversity element where they are trying to draw attention to the rare plant life in the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is under threat :(. So what is it...? It's a home accessory product line made by community crafters, using local materials and up-cycled waste that showcases the beautiful flowers of the Cape. The liquid in the jars is actually olive oil! They are so pretty and very cool.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Solar Jar | Environment

I went to the South African Design Indaba in Cape Town last week and there was some fantastic 'stuff' there. Over the next few posts, I thought I would share a few of the things I thought were super cool. Firstly, Consol glass have very cleverly designed a 'Solar Jar', which very simply, is a jar with a solar panel on the top that provides light. I brought one, its beautiful, environmentally friendly and safe! The initial cost is R150 BUT think of all the batteries you won't have to buy! From any Consol retail outlet, or just visit their site for more detail.