Monday, November 14, 2011

Let your words grow | Environmental Coolness

Growing cards are a super cool idea. They have renewed my love of cards after years of considering them a waste of time. Growing paper offer cards that you can grow...yes I said grow. How great for the environment. So, you write all your lovely words on the card and the person at the receiving end can plant the card and watch your words grow! The type of seeds they use: Mixed flowers: Alyssum, Snapdragon - Indigenous flowers: Nemesia, Felicia - Herbs: Basil, Wild Rocket, Thyme. Cool hey!

You have to get some, they are reasonably priced and the designs are fantastic [their website has a list of stockists & designs]. See below for a few design options as well as proof that the cards are handmade - making them ever so much nicer.

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