Thursday, October 13, 2011

Veggie Trade | Authentic Community Coolness

I was lucky enough to come across a link on Facebook posted by one of my friends Catherine regarding Veggie Trade. Started by a clever man Arthur Brigg, it allows you to learn and share your experience of growing and trading veggies from your own garden with people in your area! How's that for clever, talk about going back to our roots! I have always wanted to get my hands dirty and understand how not to kill veggies and this site gives me the chance to learn, share, trade, engage my community and hopefully laugh whilst doing it. It's still early days as they have just launched the concept and are still adding information, but I can tell you this has massive potential, especially in the midst of a recession. So register, you dont have to have a big garden either....
A few clips from their website below:
Find Veggie Trade here.

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