Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Office' Coolness | Missing Link

Missing Links' new office is the best 'office' environment I have EVER seen. It's a perfect interpretation of my perception of their brand and it's culture. Rich Mulholland is not the sort of guy you forget easily and neither is his office! Incase you didn't know, Missing Link are Presentation strategists that live by what they produce. I have not been to the Google or Apple offices, and I hear they are awesome...but really, can you get more awesome [and uncorporate] than this [and it's local!]!? Gotta love it...
Their own tattoo parlour!
Look at the slide!
Tree House!
And I'm presuming a de-stressing 'booth'... :)


Richard Mulholland said...

Thanks loads :)

The shooting range is actually where we get our clients to shoot targets made out of presentation cliches.

Candice said...

Total pleasure, just so fantastic to have such a fine display of creativity in SA