Monday, August 29, 2011

Tech Innovation | AWESOMENESS | Photosynth

When I watched this amazing video on Photosynth in 2007 on TED Ideas Worth Spreading I was totally blow away. At the time I remember thinking this type of tech is years away from my hands. Since then lots has happened. For one, Microsoft gobbled up the small company that developed the technology and even better, its now available to the 'average joe', me. Visit the site or download the iphone app. It is truly amazing! Well done to Microsoft! [Never thought I would ever say that!]

When you have used the app it saves an example to your phone or you can share to other platforms like Facebook. This is a 'flat' photo example I took yesterday.

Also this post has a double edged cool. For those that love information, TED is worth checking out. There are some wonderful videos on there, it's been a source of inspiration to me for years.

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