Monday, August 22, 2011

The Cool that is the QR Code

I am amazed that some mobile phone mad South Africans have not heard of the QR code and its coolness. Ok geeks, stop rolling your eyes! This post is just to get those that haven't even heard of them to start investigating this cool two dimensional code for you or your business. It's much easier to scan one of these to collect relevant information than pass on a business card. In my investigation the best place to create one [yes you can do it yourself for free] is via Paperlinks, there are however, many other sites as well. Paperlinks allows one free personal code, then they charge but they offer a great set up. One or two tips on how to use it or making them pretty. Don't forget to download the app to your smart phone though otherwise you will not be able to scan anything. Hope this helps :).

The designs are pretty cool in an abstract sort of way. Great idea: Why not tattoo yourself with one! HA!

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