Tuesday, August 16, 2011

African Cartel | Showcasing African Art

I have to say, I was totally blown away by this concept - [big thanks to my cousin Dean for introducing me to it *kiss*]. Its sheer brilliance in such a rounded way. Business and philanthropy all rolled up in one. On a National scale it would be even more fantastic! The 'short video' below -is incredible- and explains all you need to know. Get involved, it is pure awesomeness. Visit the African Cartel website for more details and to purchase art.

Robot Artists from African Cartel on Vimeo.


Xenia said...

Thanks for the support and for posting this on your site! We're glad you like the concept of what we're trying to do. We are really hoping for great success to help get these artists out there and earning a decent living. We encourage people to get some of their own art and also feel free to make special requests!

Candice said...

No problem. I think its such a fantastic concept, so supporting it is easy! I wish you all the very best, would be nice to have this national eventually. So great for the artists who can then just focus on their passion! Great stuff!